Our CPA firm focuses on providing services to governments, nonprofits and issuers of tax-exempt debt. We devote our resources to understanding and applying the unique accounting and reporting requirements applicable to these types of entities. It would be our pleasure to serve you in one of these chosen practice areas.

Dufresne CPA Services, PA practice includes all traditional CPA services.

GNP practice includes Bond and Cash Flow Verification services.

Our 100% Women Owned CPA firms serve governmental and not-for-profit entities and issuers of tax-exempt debt.


Arbitrage occurs when taxable investment yields exceed the arbitrage yield of a tax-exempt bond issue. Issuers of tax-exempt debt such as municipalities, counties, special districts and housing finance authorities must determine if arbitrage rebate is due to the U.S. Treasury.

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Cash Flow Verifications

Bond documents generally require an independent CPA firm's verification of cash flows when an issue is refunded. This verification provides assurance that the cash flows from the securities to be deposited in the irrevocable escrow are sufficient to repay debt service on the refunded debt.

Our firm is approved by all bond insurance companies and would be pleased to fill this need for you!

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